A great charm

2015 is the hottest vintage recorded by weather stations for 50 years.

The season started well with a beautiful outlet cluster in the spring followed by a hot summer and rather dry. Grapes grew in beautiful weather and themselves concentrated with the drought of summer. The generous rains in September helped revive vegetation and recharge grapes.
We were concerned when the grapes are damaged by rain but the easterly winds of late September preserved fruits in a superb health status offering appreciable quantities of grapes after several years of scarcity.

2015 is a generous vintage thanks to wines produced volumes well above its 3 seniors but also a generous year as the aromas are expressed with intensity.
The lighter wines are very tasty and balances seem perfect for a fairly rapid consumption.

The wines of coteaux or more clay soils are also very tender with beautiful concentrations and aromatic generosity in stunning young.
2015 is a real “breath of fresh air” thanks to the volumes produced and the overall quality of its wines.