2022 Focused and fruity

2022 was a hot, dry year.

There was no damage to the vines due to spring frost; we therefore expected a generous harvest.

Fine weather arrived in early May, with very little rainfall and favourable conditions all through the springtime. Few treatments were needed, and we managed the growth of the vines skilfully and serenely.   

The summer was warm, but the heat was never overwhelming. There was a long dry spell in July and August. Water stress on alluvial deposits (“Les Granges”) was no longer a concern after the first showers in late August and early September.  The vines were rehydrated, and the growth cycle resumed as harvest time neared.

The first Chenin blanc grapes were harvested very early in September, whereas the first Cabernet Francs were vatted around September 12.

Once again we have an early harvest.

The volumes harvested are satisfactory, and even remarkable on all the plots.  We are now able to offer greater quantities of white wines than in previous years.

The red wines are quite concentrated and display deep and intense colours. Due to its generous fruit and its juicy character, this vintage is outstanding. The 2022s will keep for years, particularly those from limestone soils.

2022 belongs to the truly great vintages, alongside 2010, 2018 and 2020.