Freshness, Loire Valley style

Winter was cold but with sufficient rainfall to restore groundwater levels which were quite low after the 2019 drought.

Once again frost was a threat to the early budbreak, but no major damage was caused.

From springtime onwards, rainfall gave way to some very fine weather and a prolonged dry spell. The lockdown made for some nice walks under a bright sun in the pale green vineyard. A few days of rainfall in late April and early May stimulated vine growth and blooming started on May 20.

Lack of rainfall during summer lead to an early harvest. Summer rains came in mid-August and boosted the much-needed ripening process of the berries.

The whites were harvested very early, around September 10, while the first Cabernets were picked from September 16 onwards.

The wines are fresh and balanced, although not quite as rich as the three previous vintages. The range of wines has a distinct Loire Valley style with straightforward red fruit aromas. Our ageworthy cuvées will keep for years thanks to their freshness and pleasant acidity.

2020 will see the birth of a new cuvée for red Chinon, « Les Mollières » to enhance the range of this fine vintage.